Monday, December 28, 2009

Memoir Monday: My First Try


Well I thought my fist shot at Memoir Monday should be a story about Travis, our buddy T-mo, and I from back in the day.

We were sort of trouble makers (okay not really), but we did have a lot of fun. We have a tradition around here that every year we go rabbit hunting. None of us ever have license's, but we live in a very small town. We just go to some family friends' land or something like that. No big deal.

Anyways, there is a beautiful blanket of snow on the ground and we're just itching to get out of there. I think Travis may have actually had a rash because he was itching more than the rest of us, but that's another story. We decided to get out and start hunting super early that day (11 am). We got there dressed in our snow gear, and we're ready to go. I had borrowed my dad's old snow suit so I looked like a mechanic from the 70's. Yeah i was looking pretty fly.

We started traipsing around and within just a few minutes we had already shot one. We were feeling pretty good about hunting that day because we never get one that quickly. As it turned out we weren't that lucky after all. It was probably a good hour or so before we got another one. I was granted the privilege of killing the next one. Well.....sort of. You see it wasn't actually dead. It was just laying there tweaking. So I grabbed it by the legs and snapped it like a whip! killed it dead right there. I felt like a man. Like I could just grow a beard that very second.

The same thing happened a little later in the day so I tried the same thing, but this rabbit was a trooper. It just WOULD NOT DIE. You animal lovers might want to look away if you haven't already. I am in no way an animal "hater" so I wanted to put it out of it's misery. We tried everything, including beating it against a post. was bad. REAL bad.

Travis finally pipes up and says "T-mo, give me your gun."

He walks up slowly and deliberately, and when T-mo said he'd do it Travis wouldn't let him. He said he wouldn't let him because we didn't want something like that on our conscience. The man's a martyr. Okay not really, but it was mature of him.

All that to say, I love big ole' Travy-G, and have had many fun times chillin' with him.

Thanks for encouraging me to start. Love you bro.


Travis said...

Appreciate the shout out, homie.

It always helps to have a friend commenting and following at first to encourage more bloggin!

Say the word, and I can have a ton of people over here for you!

CwayneY said...

Bring em on! Hopefully they won't bee too brutal. Oh well if they are.

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